Wednesday, November 11, 2009

alexa is 10 months old

Jill is a wonderful friend of mine from college and as long as I've known her, I've known Shaun too! They were high school sweethearts & are one of those rare couple you know will be together when they are too old to remember each other's names.... and will still be in love! If I could say one thing to describe Jill, she is probably the nicest person I know. In 10 years I'm pretty sure I've never heard her say a single bad thing about anyone, ever. She is amazing!

Last year Jill and I found out we were both having baby girls (her first and my second) and our due dates were 3 days apart!!! {At the last minute we both started freaking out about the possibility that we picked the same names for our babies!} But no worries! :) Alexa and Natalie's birthdays are 8 days apart, and I love the fact that Jill and I can share so many stories and memories together with our girls these days! Jill and Shaun drove in from Cincinnati with Alexa to have these photos taken and we are so appreciative of their time with us!!!! Jill and Shaun, THANK YOU so much for sharing Alexa with us! We love you so much, love that little girl of yours, and we already can't wait to see you again!!!

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