Saturday, March 22, 2008

colton is 1 year old

Sweet little Colton and his parents, Chad and Diana, came in to see us the day before our trip to Vegas. We are a little late in getting the blog up...sorry guys! Colton's family had come in for a session when he was six months old. He has grown so much in six months! It is so much fun to see him grow and change so much in such a short time. Thank you so much for coming in! Enjoy this sneak peek of your images!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

isabella's easter dress

Sweet little Isabella! Molly is a very good friend of mine, and Isabella is her daughter. I LOVE when she brings her in for a photo session because I love having an excuse to see her! We are usually living in different cities, so it is always a pleasure when Molly comes in town to visit! Isabella is getting so big and SO beautiful! Despite the weather, Molly drove in from West Lafayette to take some photos of Isabella in her Easter dress. She was a perfect angel and so easy to photograph! She just sat by herself and smiled, smiled, smiled! What a princess. We love her!

Molly, even after you move to Florida next month (we are happy for you but oh so sad), I hope that you will still bring that beautiful baby girl in to see us as often as you can!!!

Love you both!!! Enjoy these Easter photos!!!

owen is 1 year old

Remember cute little five year old Isabella? Well, her ADORABLE one year old brother, Owen, had his turn at a photo session yesterday! The whole family is so wonderful. Mom is just so sweet, dad is a riot and makes the kids laugh, Isabella is so well behaved and good with the camera that we often forget she's just five, and Owen is just a doll! He is just starting to walk and he loves to be on the go at all times! Between Cheerios and dad's humor, we were able to get him to smile at the camera for some really cute shots! We just adore this family and we hope we will continue to see them for many years to come! John and Michelle, thank you so much for bringing your family in to spend some time with us. Enjoy these few photos from your session!