Thursday, August 27, 2009

preston is 1 year old

Sweet Preston is ONE! You may remember his six month photos (CLICK HERE), and to us it seems as though that was so recent, it's hard to believe six months has gone by! Preston is such a charming little boy. He is so cooperative and happy to be around. He is a sweetheart! We had so much fun meeting him out with his parents on his birthday. We laughed and played...and just beat the rain too, whew! Justin and Katie, thank you SO MUCH for sharing your little man with us on his birthday... and sharing his cupcakes too!!!! We have enjoyed getting to know you so very much!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

jill is 35 weeks pregnant

Jill is so beautiful and she was glowing at 35 weeks in these photos!!! She and Rusty are so excited to meet their little man SOON, and we can't wait to meet him either!!! We are so happy for them; they are going to be awesome parents and their journey is about to begin! There is something so magical about babies, and the first is just so special... Jill and Rusty, thank you so much for sharing your pregnancy with us! We can't wait to capture your little guy's first year too!!!