Tuesday, August 28, 2007

kahn, wendy, and kj

Yesterday Kahn, Wendy, and their 1 year old son, KJ (which stands for Kahn Junior) drove all the way from Illinois for a photo session in our studio! They were awesome. We always tell people to bring lots of favorite toys and outfits so we have a lot to pick from...and boy, they did! It was AWESOME!!!! They brought a rocking horse, cowboy hat & boots, a lion rug & stuffed animals that matched his overalls, toys, a DVD player with KJ's favorite DVD, many outfits, a baseball glove, and more. Oh! I should add---they even brought in a cake for his 1st birthday! (That was SUPER messy and WAY CUTE!!! We did that at the end of the shoot so that he could dig in...and he was certainly covered in cake and smiles!!!) I think we should have them write up a "how to" list for future clients before the come in! It made it so much fun! :) KJ is ADORABLE. I think the long ride here made him a little tired (poor little guy) but we took our time and made room for several snack & rest stops throughout the shoot. Wendy's mom and brothers drove to Indy from Ohio (since it is about half way) to visit with Wendy & Kahn while they were here & stopped by the studio too. We had a blast getting to know them all! They are super sweet & are a very cute family. Kahn, Wendy, & KJ --- THANK YOU so much for coming all the way to Indy for your photos! We are so glad you did!!! We'll have your storybook up soon! Until then, enjoy these few snapshots of our day together!

Friday, August 24, 2007

mike, becky, and bree's storybook

Mike, Becky, and Bree's Storybook is ready! Click on the following link to see it: GARVERS' STORYBOOK

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

austin's senior storybook

Austin's Senior Storybook is ready! Click on the following link to see the entire storybook: AUSTIN'S SENIOR STORYBOOK

Monday, August 20, 2007

jennifer and nick say i do

Saturday was the most beautiful day for a wedding! After all of the heat leading up to the day, and then the rain today...we really lucked out! It was a perfect day to get married! Jennifer and Nick started dating 9 years ago in high school, and we had so much fun photographing their wedding day and celebration of their relationship. We started the day at Geist Christian Church, which is in such a beautiful area in Indianapolis. The families were close, friends were so much fun, and the whole day was filled with laughter and love. Many memories were shared throughout the evening. It was obvious that these two have been there for each other through the years. Jennifer looked absolutely stunning, as did her girls in their beautiful red and white gowns. Prior to the ceremony, the guys rocked in their Elvis sunglasses (which Nick and Jennifer also wore for their introductions at the reception). The reception was at a beautiful golf course in Fort Benjamin Harrison, where Nick and his boys got a few putts in during the reception. :) This group was filled with energy and spunk all day...even through about 3,000 photos!!! We loved it! Thanks, Jennifer and Nick, for inviting us to be a part of your gorgeous wedding day. We are so happy we got to be a part of it!

Friday, August 17, 2007

leigh ann and kevin in town & country

BIG NEWS!!! We received a phone call from our friend & wedding coordinator, Gary BraVard, that we should check out the latest issue of Town & Country Magazine because we may recognize a photo of a very special couple...a photo that Dan took at the wedding of Leigh Ann and Kevin!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Leigh Ann and Kevin, for appearing in Town & Country! Your wedding was absolutely spectacular and the honor of your being in the magazine was well deserved! We were so honored to be a part of your day, and the excitement just keeps pouring in!

cover of the latest town & country

Monday, August 13, 2007

chad, diana, and colton

We had the cutest little guy in our studio today! Little Colton is 6 months old & his parents, Chad and Diana brought him in for a photo session today. Colton is such a well-tempered baby! He didn't fuss once... he just smiled and smiled for the camera! He has the best facial expressions. They are all such sweet people and we enjoyed spending the afternoon with them. A special thanks to Joe & Lisa for sending Diana and Chad to us! (Joe and Lisa have been taking advantage of our referral program and we LOVE IT! They have earned quite a few BPD Bucks this year!) Thanks so much for spending the afternoon with us, Chad, Diana, and Colton!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

bree is 8 months old

We were so excited when Mike and Becky called us up to do a photo shoot with them and their beautiful little girl, Bree! Bree is almost 8 months old, and she and Samantha have been buddies since birth. Dan went to high school with Mike many years ago, and all four of us went to Purdue. The funny thing is, we didn't really get to know each other until we found out that Becky and I were both pregnant last year and due within just a couple of weeks of each other! We can now say that we have shared a lot of moments and become the greatest of friends! Also super exciting news---Mike and Becky just found out that Bree is going to have a little sibling next year!!! They wanted to get some good photos of the three of them in before Becky starts showing. Yea! We are SO HAPPY for them and wish them all the best over the next year!!! We love you guys! Congrats again!!! Enjoy these few snapshots of our night together...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

austin is a senior

On Monday Austin came in for his senior photos. We were able to work through his disability of being an IU fan (just kidding Austin) and got some great stuff! Towards the end of the session the power went out in our building. Turns out the transformer right outside our window caught on fire! Luckily it was just for a moment so no damage was done to the building. After the momentary panic and grabbing of our hard drives we headed outside to finish the shoot. The heat was rough but Austin handled it like a champ! Thanks for stopping by Austin! Good luck in your senior year and in the future. Go Purdue!