Friday, June 29, 2007

samantha is six months old

Our little Samantha! People always assume that we must have a million photos of her...but the truth is that when you take pictures for a living and do it day in and day out, sometimes its easy to procrastinate on taking your own family photos! So.....since Sammi will be six months old in about a week and a half, we "scheduled" a photo shoot for her today. Thank goodness for remote triggers (like a remote control for your camera so you can take the photo from across the room once you've set it up)! :) Sam was really really tired today. She's had several play dates this week and we also think she might have a tooth coming in. She got grumpy pretty fast (which is not like her at all) and took several naps today, so we'll be sure to take a few more next week if she's up for it.

And an update for you...she is crawling!!!! Yes, it's true. Not even six months old and getting around and about. It is definitely more like "army crawling" than actual crawling, but we had to set up our baby gates as soon as she started moving! Crazy! She especially likes to chase after the dogs and laughs at them. It seems like I just brought her home from the hospital. I can't believe how fast the time is flying by and how fast she is growing.

We're heading to the annual Brand Family Reunion this weekend in Fort Wayne...we'll be back on Monday! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

max's story book

We finished Max's online story book! He is SUCH a cutie!!! We really enjoyed the photo shoot and also making the book. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the shroyer family

Last year we photographed Erin and Tom's wedding, and last Sunday they came into the studio with Erin's parents and her brother, his wife, and their two cute kiddos. Sarah and Zach's little one, Liam, was only a few weeks old at Erin and Tom's wedding last year, so he had changed quite a bit since we saw him last! Liam and Brady were so adorable and SO WELL BEHAVED!!!! The Shroyers/Archers are ALL really sweet and all really fun to work with. We also have to mention that Erin's dad, Butch, is a hoot! Very fun to be around. It was so nice to see you all! Thanks so much for coming in!

karen and dan say i do

Karen and Dan had the most beautiful wedding last Saturday in Karen's parents' backyard! Yes, we know...backyard...rain...more rain...problem??? NO WAY! That rain was nothing that a little bridesmaid rain dance and tiny delay couldn't fix! Karen's parents live in an amazing home with a huge mature yard right in Indianapolis. The rain that had been coming down all morning stopped right on cue to do all of the formals, started again right before the ceremony, and then cleared just in time for the outdoor ceremony. To make it even more special, Karen's mom is a pastor, and she performed the ceremony. We were especially impressed with how the spirit of the day continued to be positive and cheerful even as the raindrops stopped and started. We had a great group of people. All of our best wishes to Karen and Dan!

a little rain...

a little rain dance...

ready for a beautiful ceremony...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

griffin's album

Griffin's story book is ready! Check it out by going to: We love it and we hope you will too!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

max is one year old

Today we had the pleasure of photographing soon-to-be one-year-old Max. Max is SO CUTE!!! In fact, "cute" is an understatement! He is sweet and adorable, and so easy to work with! (Smart too...AND he was walking by 9 months old so it was easy for him to balance and walk around the studio.) He was soooo good for us. His parents, Jason and Holly, are so fun to be around and so in love with each other and with their little Max. They are definitely a genuinely HAPPY couple & family. We had an awesome time photographing them all together and really enjoyed getting to know them tonight. As always, they only get a little sneak peek from today's shoot...

Monday, June 18, 2007

gretchen and grant say i do

We had the privilege to spend last weekend in Cleveland to photograph Gretchen and Grant’s wedding. Because they booked with us through a referral, we had never met the couple before arriving for the rehearsal dinner and wedding, and also had not ever been to Cleveland! We were so excited to meet them and get to know them. We are also pleased to report a very happy and successful weekend despite a few problems with the wedding planning over the last few months! During their wedding planning, Gretchen and Grant’s hotel where they originally planned on having guests stay caught on fire, the original reception hall went out of business, and Grant’s brother/best man went in for an unexpected emergency surgery the day before the wedding…and yet he STILL made it there!!!! It was beautiful…had you not known about all of the “troubles” you would have never suspected them!!! We had a great time at the wedding and want to thank Gretchen and Grant so much for bringing us to Cleveland for the weekend!

Friday, June 15, 2007

griffin is two years old

Last night we had the opportunity to photograph 2-year old Griffin…what a cutie! “Grif” or “Griffy” as his parents call him, had gone swimming at the pool all morning and took a long nap before coming to visit us. The nap worked…he was full of life and energy! Much of what we captured was Dan running around the studio after him snapping photos as Griffin bounced around. It was quite a hoot! To get Griffin to sit still for some of the photos, we played his Baby Einstein DVD for him…which I am amazed how much kids like those things!!! Thanks so much, Amy and Christian, for sharing your little guy with us!!! We had a hard time (as usual) picking out just a few photos for your sneak peek…

...and that's it for today! :)