Wednesday, April 30, 2008

future studio part five

Hello all,

We have been getting a few requests for updates on the new studio plans so I thought I would share a little! We have a new design! We hit a little snafu in the ol' budget and had to rework quite a few things but we are thrilled with our new design! It was actually a blessing in disguise because we were forced to really rethink what we needed and how we needed it to work. So, our layout has completely changed from the original design.

We are just a couple weeks away from breaking ground(keep your fingers crossed)! We've found some amazing bamboo flooring, and have been working on picking out some of the other details like paint colors, furniture, and of course, toilets! You wouldn't believe all of the options for toilets! Our Viewing Room, where we will hold all of our meetings and Viewing Sessions, will have an 80-110" projector screen that will allow us to preview your images at actual size of the prints you are considering, and hopefully double as my official Colts Viewing Room on Sundays. If you need a place to watch the game let me know!

I posted a photo of the exterior below. It will be a mix of dark brown brick, concrete, and high gloss wood. The colors on the image below aren't the final colors. We are still trying to figure that out.

If all goes as planned we should be in by the end of November!

Friday, April 18, 2008

amber and jeremy are engaged

On Friday I photographed my buddy Jeremy and his fiancee Amber's engagement session. Jeremy is a fraternity brother of mine from our Purdue days. He's an irrationally obsessed Bear's fan living in a Colt's world. Shame. That really has nothing to do with this post, but thought I should mention it anyway.

They are a great couple. Perfect for each other! I'm very happy for them and am so excited for their wedding at the ISM in June!

Here are a few shots from the day.

Friday, April 11, 2008

sophia is 3 months old

In September 2006 we photographed Alecia and Seth's wedding. They are one of our favorite couples and we were so excited to hear that they had their first child in January, almost 1 year to the day after Brooke had Samantha. They brought Sophia in for a session on Wednesday. She is adorable! Such a good happy baby. Congratulations Seth and Alecia and thank you so much for coming in!

Here are a few shots from the day.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

samantha is 15 months

We took advantage of the amazing weather this weekend and took Samantha to the IMA for some play time and photos. She loved it! She had a blast running all over the place, mostly away from us. Here are a few photos from the day.