Monday, December 29, 2008

joel and keely say i do

Joel and Keely got married last weekend at St John with a beautiful reception at the The Grand Hall at the Historic Union Station. Dan and I had so much fun shooting this wedding! Joel and Keely and their families were the nicest, funniest people to be around all day! The couple was fun and laid back, the wedding party was so accommodating and easy going, the families were sweet and caring, and the day was perfect! (And, almost 70 degrees, I might add!!!) We were even able to do photos outside...who would have thought on December 27?! Joel and Keely, thank you so very much for spending your wedding day with us! We are thrilled that we could wrap up our wonderful year with your special day! Have fun in Hawaii!!!!

the love family

You might remember sweet and beautiful Kate and Elizabeth from their fall 2007 photo session. Their family had not had a photo done together in many years, so they came in to get one done just before Christmas. It was so nice to see them and so fun to do a photo of the four of them together. Thank you, Love Family, for coming in to see us! We hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

alex and jessica say i do

Last weekend we had a blast photographing Alex and Jessica's wedding at the Indiana Roof Ballroom! Their families were both absolutely amazing. I felt as though we had been friends for years the instant I walked in, and it just got better and better through the evening! I laughed so hard at so many jokes, smiled at so many precious moments, and was moved by the amount of love and closeness by all who attended. We are truly so honored to have been invited to share in Alex and Jessica's wedding day. Thank you so, so much, Alex and Jessica, for including us into your family for the day....we are so excited to share a sneak peek slide show of your images with you!!! Have a wonderful honeymoon!!!!!!

ava is three

Last week we were so excited that Kristian and Doug brought Ava in to see us! She is the most adorable 3 year old!!! (Okay, three and a half!) She is so well behaved and so beautiful! (And lucky for us, easily bribed with fruit snacks!) Kristian and Doug, we just loved seeing you again and hope you enjoy these photos of Ava as much as we enjoyed taking them!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

kj is two years old

We've gotten to know Kahn, Wendy, and KJ over the last year and we just love them! Kahn, Wendy, and KJ drove in from Illinois to see us last week and we are always so thrilled and honored that they travel so far to see us for photos! You remember KJ's one-year photos and 18 month photos....well, he is just as adorable as ever...and we cannot believe how much he learns and grows between each time that we see him!!! He turned two in August. He is one smart kid, and he is so fun to watch and play with! Kahn and Wendy, thank you SOOOO much for coming to see us! KJ is just perfect and we love seeing you!

carter is one

Last week Cory and Leslie brought their beautiful baby boy, Carter, in for his (almost) 1-year photo session. Carter is the CUTEST kiddo! He was so laid back and so well behaved. It was really fun to hang out with them and get to know them in the session. Cory and Leslie, thank you so much for bringing in Carter to see us! We already can't wait to see you again!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

carson is 2 weeks old

On Monday, I visited Allison and Kristin's beautiful newborn, Carson! He is such a good, laid back kiddo and made the session go as smooth as any we've ever had. His room was so cool with painted clouds on the wall and decked out in everything blue. Congratulations Allison and Kristin! I can't wait to show you all of the photos! For now, here's a sneak peek...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

emily, daniel, grant, and lauren

Last week Emily, Daniel, Grant, and Lauren came into the studio for a photo session together. The youngest is 4 years old and the oldest is 15...and I have never seen 4 siblings get along better!!! They were so polite, so well behaved, and just very sweet! Lauren, the four year old, wants three things for Christmas, and she reeeeeaaaallly wants them: A real dog, a real cat, and a real baby. Needless to say she was overly excited to get to feel the baby in my belly rolling around while she was in! We used her Christmas list as a way to get everyone to giggle through the photo shoot. It was so fun! Thank you to Emily, Daniel, Grant, and Lauren for coming in to visit with us!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

brooke is 33 weeks pregnant

As part of our Thanksgiving weekend, Dan promised me that we could take a maternity photo session. I knew it would be hard to get Sammi to cooperate, and it WAS VERY HARD!!!! HOWEVER....the ones with her and me are my absolute favorites! I can't wait to do a storybook and hang some of them on my walls!!!

Thanks, Danny, for making this happen!!!! I am so glad we got the photos in on time!!!!! :) :) I love you!