Sunday, January 20, 2008

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Yea! I have always thought there should be a way to allow our blog readers to sign up to receive our e-newsletters, and it turns out---there is! (It wasn't that hard to do actually; I wish I had done it a long time ago!) So....if you read our blog regularly, chances are that you get our newsletters already. If not, feel free to sign up now! (On the right...the brown box.)

If you try to sign up and you have problems, please let me know! I don't really have a fool-proof way to check the system. Oh, I'm so excited!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

samantha's first birthday party

Awwwww! Our little Sammi had her first birthday party yesterday! Like Dan mentioned in the last post, it was JUST DUCKY. We had ducks everywhere. Duck ice cubes. Duck crackers. Duck-shaped cheese and "quackers". Rubber ducks lined the tables. And...let's not forget the 3-D duck birthday cake which took 5 boxes of cake mix and 8 pounds of buttercream icing to make! (I think it was meant to serve about 80 people even though we only had family here!)

We had such a good time and Sammi seemed to love her party. All of the food served were her favorite items, so she was excited to eat pizza, olives, crackers, and cheese before her cake. After a quick wardrobe change, we wrapped things up with Sam opening her presents before heading off for a nap. She was spoiled, of course, by everyone and we are so thankful for all of the wonderful gifts!

Here are a few photos from the was REALLY hard to host, take photos, take video, and give Samantha attention, but we did our best! Maybe next time we'll hire a photographer... :)

duck footprints leading to our front door...

the huge 3-d duck cake and sammi's smaller cake

our little princess

she definitely likes chocolate cake!

sam loved opening gifts, including a colts table
made by her uncle steve & soon-to-be-aunt krystal

who says kids with birthdays near christmas get deprived?
i don't think so!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

preparation for the big party

Hey everyone! We are so excited!! Little Samantha is ONE YEAR OLD!!! Holey Moley! It seems like yesterday we were in the hospital wondering how we were going to survive! I can still remember a few weeks into the deal holding her on the couch in the middle of the night so she would fall asleep. I DVRd I Robot and watched it with her sleeping on my chest almost every night for about 2 months. In retrospect that may not have been the best choice of movie, maybe a little scary for a few week old, which would probably explain why she wouldn't fall asleep, but hey, live and learn! It's funny, at the time it was tough, not getting any sleep, but those will always be some of my favorite memories with her.

She turned 1 on January 8th and tomorrow (Jan 12) we are going to celebrate! DUCK STYLE baby! The girl is nuts about ducks. So everything is all about the ducks. All of the food being served are her favorite foods, like turkey, cheese, and "quackers," duck droppings (olives), duck crackers (Meijer's version of fish crackers), Pizza Hut pizza, which last I heard will be named "Down right good pizza" or something like that (get it, like down feathers). If you have a better name for that please let me know! Also, the cake, which is HUGE, is in the shape of a duck and a pond. I believe it is currently being burned in the oven. The drinks will all be sitting in ice in her duck bathtub (pictured below). I believe there are also about 250 rubber ducks just hanging out all over the house. By the way, I am trying to set a record for the most usage of the word "duck" in a paragraph. Or so it would seem. duck.

Tune in later for the actual duck party! It's going to be quacktastic!

Brooke pouring the batter in to the "pond" cake pan

Monday, January 7, 2008

Exciting Things Are Brewing!!!

Dan and I are finishing up notes from our 7-day extravaganza (Professional Photographers of America (PPA) trade show and conference) and we are overflowing with excitement! We have to share it...

First of all, we have to thank our two brides, Jackie and Jenny, for working our PWG Bridal Show booth last Saturday and Sunday!!! We photographed Jackie's wedding last October and will photograph Jenny's wedding this coming August. Before the idea of having two of our fabulous brides represent us at our booth, we were worried about trying to do this conference and have a booth back in Indiana...How would we do it??? Jackie and Jenny were AWESOME and we were so proud and honored to have them represent us there!

If you are a bride who left your information for us, we will call you as soon as we return to Indiana! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Check out Jenny in her "Brand Photo & Design BRIDE" t-shirt at our booth!

The other excitement we have to share is our upcoming 2008 collections! We are working on a total makeover of our products and packages that we are SOOOOOOO excited to share with all of you! We aren't even going to wait for the new studio to start offering these one-of-a-kind unique art pieces and super-sessions!

However, we do have a LOT of work to bring all of our ideas and inspiration together, so until then we will still be offering our 2007 sessions & products. We still love those products...the new ones will kind of be like offering our 2007 items "on steroids". :) We can't wait!!!!

We will have information available as soon as possible!

A last note of thanks:

Our little Samantha has been with her grandparents in Fort Wayne the entire week (they take her often to help us) and last Saturday came down with the flu. :( So, not only are we thankful for Kathe and Orlie taking care of her in general this week, we CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH for being thrown up on numerous times while comforting our poor little one--- and without any complaining! You are truly amazing parents to us and grandparents to her. We are so sorry you had to go through that but we are glad that she is in such amazing hands!!!

And to YOU----thanks for stopping by our blog! Going to bed.........zzzzzzzzzzz...

Friday, January 4, 2008

Gettin' Our Learn On!

Hi everyone! We arrived in Florida on Wednesday safe and sound for the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) conference and trade show. We'll be out of the office until next Thursday, January 10.

Before you Indiana people get jealous of us being in Florida....I want to make a note that it was 20 degrees when we landed!!! (I know....still better than 9 degrees and snow when we left Indy.) You may have seen Tampa on the news because the farmers feared all of their fruits going bad in the ice!!! Good's warmed up a little already, no fruit went bad, and it's supposed to keep getting warmer truly no complaints here! :)

We should return with a fresh focus, many new ideas, promotions, and products from the industry's best vendors and leaders in photography. We are excited to be here and look forward to coming home for a fantastic 2008 ahead!