Sunday, August 3, 2008

samantha is 18 months old

Our beautiful, smart, loving... crazy, busy, independent, mind-of-her-own daughter, Samantha! Sammi got her hair cut last week, and seeing as how she is just over 18 months old, we decided it was time for a photo shoot. Here's the thing... if any of our clients are EVER worried about our patience with their children, our loving Samantha has given us the ability to be patient beyond words. WE UNDERSTAND how hard it can be and how FRUSTRATING it can be to invest time and money into a photo session and feel as though your child is just not cooperating.

However, we always manage to walk away with great shots, funny moments, and lots of memories caught on camera. To our surprise, today was no exception...and these photos are a few moments of quiet happiness among many, many moments of running (in the wrong direction), screaming, crying, whining, and defiance from our little Sammi. And the truth is, she just doesn't like the camera. She really is a wonderful kid that just turns mad when the camera is pointed at her. After all, she is our child...we all like to be on the other side of the camera. :)

Here are a few shots from today. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH, SAMMI!!!!!

Our shoot ended with a stop at Dairy Queen. We ALL needed it!

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