Sunday, August 24, 2008

matt and jenny say i do

Where do I start? This post could be so long but I'll try and keep it somewhat brief! Jenny and Matt---they are awesome. Jenny was one of our brides that worked our bridal show for us in January while we were away at a conference. We asked her to do it because she is so professional and so sweet...and in getting to know her better, we also learned how creative and inspiring she is to all who know her! And Matt. He is about 7' of 100% genuine, likable, warm, and funny! And together....they are perfect!!!! Jenny put so much thought and so much creativity into every detail of the day. The place cards were hung with cute ribbon, the table numbers corresponded to things that related to Jenny and Matt (like their combined height in inches (151), they year they started dating, (2003)), there was a hand-painted "Jenny and Matt" college scene with places for people to put their heads and take photos, "The Jenny" and "The Matt", which were drinks you could order at the bar, and so many more details that made their day so special and thoughtful! Most important, when it came to the day, it was all about love, laughter, friendships, family, and celebrating together. It was special. Matt and Jenny, thank you so much for inviting us to share in your day. We felt so honored to spend the day with you and we really had an awesome time celebrating with you!!! We've put together a little slideshow for you with just a few of our favorites! Enjoy!

Matt and Jenny knew of our photography because a few of Jenny's friends have used us over the last couple of years, and three of those couples were at the wedding. We had SO MUCH fun seeing all of them!!! We couldn't resist doing a photo with all of us!!! In order below are: Matt and Jackie (Jackie also worked our bridal show for us & we are glad they live in town to keep in touch!), us, Jenny and Matt, Bridget and Andy (who just had miracle twin boys in February and we are thrilled for them!), and Kelli and Jason (who we've seen several times since their wedding & love them!) :)


David said...

Those pictures are great. What a great weekend!

Kelli said...

Matt and Jenny, you guys are one of a kind! Thanks for including us in your celebration! It was truly spectacular! Hope you are having a blast already in Jamaica! xo

Kelli said...

What an absolute blast Saturday was! We are so thankful to have you two as friends and be included in your celebration!
Dan and Brooke, amazing, as always!

erin leonard said...

wow. wow. wow. i expected no less from two of my very favorite people and even then i was blown away by all of the personal touches on your special day. so glad i could share in all your smiles. love you!