Saturday, August 16, 2008

rafting through the grand canyon

What did you do last week? Oh me, I just went on the trip of a lifetime! 28 men from my family and some close friends took a 3 day 100 mile rafting trip on the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon. We rafted and hiked through the day and slept under the stars at night. It was the most unbelievable experience I think you could ever have. Every turn was more beautiful than the last.

We started out in Vegas and took a chartered flight to a gravel runway in the Grand Canyon. From there we took a helicopter to our starting point where we met our 4 guides and two rafts. The river was the same color as the one in Willy Wonka's factory but didn't taste nearly as good, especially if you thought about the "liquid hits liquid" restroom requirement. Gross. Every single rapid was a blast and provided quite a few splashes to keep us from melting in the hot sun. The breeze felt like a hair dryer so the wetness didn't last long.

We had to hunt rabbits and rattlesnakes for lunch and dinner and had rock soup for breakfast. OK, that's not entirely true. We did have breakfast, lunch and dinner, but the food was more like eggs, bacon, sausage, coffee, spaghetti, shrimp cocktail, steak, salmon, cheesecake, poppyseed cake, blueberry cake, birthday cake (happy birthday Tim!) and all the lemonade and water you could ever want. The last night the captain announced that the dinner was black tie. The two male guides then proceeded to put on a tuxedo shirt and bow tie. The two women guides put on black formal dresses. I wore a dirty swimsuit and t-shirt and my formal Colts hat. That night ended with a fire twirling extravaganza by Kelly, one of our female guides. Both nights we were treated to a great meteor shower.

The trip ended at Lake Mead and from there we took a bus back to Vegas. In total, no broken bones, one bug bite (sorry James), 2000 images for me to edit, and probably a combined total of 100 pounds gained. We sure were roughing it!

Here are a few shots from the trip...

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Anonymous said...

You may not have "roughed" it like you wanted to but you sure do have some AMAZING pictures to remember the adventure. That is what counts.
Richey and Jacole Conley