Thursday, May 15, 2008

wes and gillian are engaged

Wes and Gillian are engaged! I grew up with Wes, and we ran into each other randomly at a wedding we were shooting in South Bend last year. It's amazing how things work out--- now he is engaged and we have been given the honor of photographing him and his beautiful bride, Gillian, at their wedding in September. They are such a sweet couple! We can't wait for the wedding!!! They squeezed an engagement shoot into their crazy busy schedules, and Dan photographed them this week in Indy. Wes and Gillian....thank you for sharing your love and excitement with us! We are so happy for you and so glad to be a part of your excitement!!!

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Bobbi said...

HEYYYY!!!! These turned out AMAZINGLY! :) It was fun seeing you in action ;)